The Neufit System is a new technological therapy device to treat pain or injuries that uses electrical stimulation therapy that turns up your power to heal. NeuFit can help a wide range of conditions, especially those that haven’t responded to other treatments. It’s ideal for people in need of help with rehabilitation, fitness, and performance.

Restore Function After Neurological Injuries

  • Identifying where the neurological deficits are located
  • Stimulating the deficit areas to tap into the power of neuroplasticity
  • Breaking through barriers to improve function!

Reverse Chronic Pain

  • Identify true source of pain with unique body scanning process using Neubie device
  • Reset negative neurological patterns and pain signals
  • Break through to a life of more movement and less pain!

Recoup from Surgery

  • Identify with mapping process that allows us to know exactly where protective patterns are present
  • Reset protective patterns so tight muscles can relax and weak ones begin to strengthen
  • Break through past these hurdles and barriers to reach recovery milestones faster than traditional therapy!

Recover from Sports Injury

  • Identify exactly where nervous system is imposing limitations on body using Neubie device mapping
  • Reset limited areas to change underlying patterns and open up pathways for more efficient healing
  • Break through tap into range of motion, strength, and pain-free movement for a more efficient and effective recovery!