Solving the puzzle of patient diagnosis leads to accurate physical therapy treatments.


The wrong diagnosis and physical therapy treatment can not only prolong the patient’s suffering, worry, and disability but can be costly and even dangerous for the patient.

At West Park Rehab and Diagnostics, we provide physicians and patients alike, with valuable information about the integrity of the neuromuscular system by utilizing EMG’s as well as Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSKUS) to better assess some of the ambiguous issues going on in the patient’s body.

Beth Carr DPT FMSKBeth Carr DPT, FMSK has completed extensive coursework under the nationally recognized Hands on Diagnostics Fellowship Program – completing her fellowship in the Fall of 2021.

Beth was recently a guest speaker at Gannon University. She educated the Northwest District Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Associations members, students and colleagues about MSKUS.

She was a guest speaker at the HODS Symposium-International Conference on EMG and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in Clearwater, FL and in October at MOVE PA Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association State conference she will be speaking on the topic of MSKUS in the Practice of PT.

We know beyond the shadow of a doubt that our diagnostics can help our patients recover better and faster than without them. At West Park Rehab and Diagnostics there is no greater “win” in our profession than getting our patients back to optimal health as quickly and effectively as possible.

We are proud to be “ Winning the future in Physical Therapy” delivering skilled and compassionate Physical Therapy that will transform the members of our community to optimize movement, improve quality of life and enhance the human experience.

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