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West Park Rehab, under the direction of Edward St. Clair, DPT is located at 571 Pone Lane in Sandycreek Township. In May of 2016, the practice expanded and opened a second location in Seneca Commons on Rt 257. The physical therapy practice provides services for physical rehabilitation, sports injuries, geriatrics, ergonomic/work rehab, pre-employment screening, functional capacity exams, wellness, and preventative health retail services. The practice now employs over 20 individuals.

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At West Park Rehab, the therapists have been aligned into therapeutic focus teams. Each physical therapist and a licensed assistant, focus on a particular region of the body. Edward St. Clair, DPT, and Jeremy Troup, PTA treat primarily the upper extremities to include the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Edward St. Clair is a board-certified hand specialist. He has lectured on hand therapy at the Pennsylvania annual conference. Jessica Collins, DPT, and Lisa Cassagne, PTA focus on the spine. Jessica Collins has completed extensive coursework in one of the most effective forms of non-surgical back treatment called the McKenzie Method. Treatment of the lower extremities is led by Beth Carr, DPT, and Caitlin Masterson, PTA. This team focuses on the hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Shaina O’Brien James Shreffler III, PTA, and Brandy Brady-Snavely, PTA work at our Seneca office.

Most of the physical therapists employed by West Park Rehab hold an advanced license and are qualified to provide Direct Access physical therapy. Direct Access physical therapy simply means that a patient can go directly therapist without the need for referral. Direct Access physical therapists have met requirements as primary diagnosticians for musculoskeletal injury and impairment.

The practice performs pre-employment physical screenings for over a dozen employers in Venango County. These tests assess the readiness of a potential employee to meet the physical demands of a specific occupation. In addition, St. Clair also performs (FCEs) Functional Capacity Evaluations that thoroughly assess the physical and functional capacity of a person to return to work following an injury or in support of disability benefits. Finally, St. Clair has performed on-the-job worksite assessments and has been sought after as an ergonomic consultant.

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